Missouri River

Somewhere down there is the Missouri River. Wanted to have lunch at a park in Omaha on the river. According to Apple Maps, there is a place called Mandan Park, but it turns out to be a water treatment plant in-accessible to the public (thanks Apple Maps). Since the park had a certain odor, we […]

North Platte

After a long day of driving, pulled up late into North Platte, NE; too tired to search for an “interesting” motel, so stayed at one of the big chain numbered motels. It was on the river, so it must have a nice view in the morning. Well, maybe not.

Gas Station #1

Got to back track a bit here, how could I forget Cheyenne, Wyoming (pretty easily actually). This was not the first gas station we stopped at, but the first one that I liked the picture of (and the first of the klever two-part gas & something names). Took pics of every gas stop along the […]