Gas Station #1

Kum & Go; Cheyenne, WY

Kum & Go; Cheyenne, WY

Got to back track a bit here, how could I forget Cheyenne, Wyoming (pretty easily actually). This was not the first gas station we stopped at, but the first one that I liked the picture of (and the first of the klever two-part gas & something names). Took pics of every gas stop along the way; sure I’ll post a few more later on. This was day three of the drive; half-way to Chicago! Posting these photos is going to take longer than the trip.

Road Trip


Leaving Zion National Park

Well, finally did the round-roadtrip to Chicago. Thought I’d post pix along the way, but it was so nice not dealing with technology. Picked up the first batch of film today, looks pretty good so far. Who knows when I’ll get around to scanning and posting those images, so for now, enjoy the Hipstamatics.