Always Next Year

Diana 151
Dodgers coming apart like a cheap plastic camera

Dodgers coming apart like a cheap plastic camera; Dodger Stadium, Chavez Ravine, Los Angeles, CA.

One more before I hit the road. Been a lot of talk here in Southern California about a Freeway World Series between the Dodgers and the Angels; hell, there could have been two NoCal vs SoCal League Championships except only the Giants made it in. The Dodgers just can’t get past their arch nemesis the Cardinals, and probably never will. There still can be a freeway series though it will be the one between KC and StLouis. Do they call them Freeways in Misery?

This Actually Did Happen

Diana 151

One more quick detour, and then I’ll get back to the road-trip.

Samy's Camera; Los Angeles, CA. May 1992

Samy’s Camera; Los Angeles, CA. May 1992

Just got back from the Filter Photo Festival in Chicago, where I took an amazing workshop with Susan Burnstine and had some great portfolio reviews (something I’ve hadn’t done in ages). There was also a beautiful group show called “This May Have Happened” with a rather bizarre call for entries ┬áby juror Gordon Stettinius, which I found extremely intriguing. I want to share the images I submitted, which I never showed before, and never quite knew what to do with them.